Career change…

Consider this as my 1st entry.. (gila ah.. bukak nye sikit punya dah lama) Anyway, this entry is about the day I felt the happiest moment in my career life. (alaa.. saje jelaa nak story2)

1st ceritanya, I got myself an interview session for System Consultant at InfoPro Sdn Bhd (whatever that means).. scheduled on 19 June 2008. So, I’ve contacted the PIC to confirmed the appoinment. Well, I guess this is my chance to move out from Maybank after all.. so, I immediately inform my Team Leader and apply a leave for that date. Lagipun, I could use that leave to get my credit report from BNM (haha.. ade issue with my Citibank VISA)

Agak-agak lepas lunch break.. I received another call.. and guess what? RHB called.. Ya Rabbi.. I’ve made it!! I’ve succeeded the interview (yeah, I went for an interview with them tapi mmg bajet tak dapat dahh). So, they’ve agreed to hire me!! MasyaAllah rezeki nye.. syukur.. syukur..
So, I told the PIC that I would come on 19 to collect the letter of offer.. (as soon after I finished my session with InfoPro.. tapi tak laa aku cakap gitu).

I was really excited tahap gaban dah.. syukur Alhamdulillahh

Then.. another call.. and guess what? it was my ex-senior colleague in Maybank (she is now the Head of Cash Management, Al-Rajhi Bank). Ape dia nak tetibe call me through the Helpdesk phone line??

Well, she just ask for my handphone number.. a while later, received her sms.. “Mlm sikit akak call Zubir” uhh.. cuak la pulak.. But I had the feeling that she’s going to recruit me.. erkk!

Lets wait and see..

Later on my way back to Semenyih while having video call with my Fiancee (well, dah name lagi free – Celcom 1+3.. hehe). I kept thinking ape yang akak tu nak.. tah2 betul tah.. even my fiancee also agrees.. anyway, kita tunggu dan lihat.

So, as I arrived home. Took a shower and perform my Maghrib prayer, I waited for her call..
tak lame lepas tu, my phone rings.. and it was her.. huhu

After dah sembang2 sket.. then baru dia mula story..
“Zubir, are you interested to apply with Al-Rajhi bank?” my goodness!! seperti yang aku agak.. tapi mmg tak percaya.. I say “YES! definitely.. tapinya, saya ade offer from RHB jugak kak.. tomorrow Im going to get the LO”. Then she said to drop her and bro R my CV (bro R is also my ex-colleague in Maybank.. when he left Maybank he was at RHB.. and now joining Al-Rajhi).

Tak lame lepas tu.. bro R pulak called. Giving me tips to negotiate with RHB HR to delay my employment.. (yelaa.. dia ex RHB). He said he will submit my CV to the president of Business Banking for a review.. silap2 nanti diorang panggil terus interview. Erk! so sudden..

Anyway, I told him that I could drop by to their office tomorrow to meet up.. saje2 laa jumpe ngan diorang dua. So, my plans for tomorrow had changed.. Bertambah2 jadinye. Sudahnya after a lot of thinking.. I’ve decided to cancel my appointment with InforPro..

1. Interview with InfoPro
2. Receive Letter of Offer from RHB
3. Get credit report from BNM
4. Meet up with Al-Rajhi Bank