Career change… part II

I’ve made it! syukur Alhamdulillah!
Well, after negotiating with HR, I’ll be reporting in today.

Fuhh.. cuak beb. I had the exact feeling when I first moved to Maybank from a government department. Anyway, first day reporting in to the office. I had a warm welcome.

Everything was in place. My ID, email address. But I dont have a workstation. Aisehh.. same je kes macam kat Maybank dulu.. sabar jela. Actually, there’s going to be department relocation.. So, dorang dok sebok kemas barang. The floor was occupied with several departments from different division. Once they’re relocated into a new place, all is left is Corporate & Treasury division. Banyak la empty spaces nanti.

For the time being, Im occupying one of the meeting room “The Khoba Meeting room” just beside my director’s room.. haha.. dok sebelah big bos wehh 😛

So, first day dah kene assigned work.. nature of working in private sector.. biase la dalam masa yang sama, I’ve been introduced to everyone in the floor by my department head a.k.a my bos. After that, an email from her introducing me to the bank 🙂 I was deeply honoured.

So today.. my first assignment was to explore and study the system that I will be handle from now on.
Alamak aihh.. system X ni quite similar la pulak. Well at least I can re-polish my knowledge with this one.

End of day, it was already maghrib. “1st day dah balik lewat.. ” said one of the staff to me. Haha.. talk about 1st day commitment 🙂

Semangat beb ~