What is the significant of today’s date 9th September 2009? 09.09.09 which is 999. Its Malaysian police or emergency number! Coincidentally, 3 things related to 999 happened to me:

1) Morning: I stuck in a terrible traffic jam caused by policemen close the ONLY exit junction from Lestari Perdana to Equine park. Took 2 hours just to reach Putrajaya.. Argh

2) Afternoon: I accompany wifey on her monthly antenatal checkup at Putrajaya Medical Centre. Going here requires a lot (I mean A LOT) of patient as it took half of your day just to wait for the queue.

3) Evening: Just after we went back from the Medical Centre, wifey had an abdominal pain which later then took her to the emergency at Serdang Hospital for a checkup. Ending up break-fasting at the hospital cafe. Anyway, she’s fine.. Alhamdulillah.

What a day..


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