Too many 'Potong'

P1 Wimax

Well, we are quite familiar with the term ‘potong’ these days as P1 Wimax makes it as their tagline for their ads. Anyway, there’s a lot of people saying that the ads are quite inappropriate as ‘potong’ or cut are most likely refers to circumcision or khatan.

If we look it the other way around, P1 was actually referring into cutting the broadband phone lines (streamyx) and switch into theirs which is wireless.

I’m not going to elaborate the differences between these two service in this entry. Perhaps another time.

The thing is, its up to the viewers on how they wanted to interpret the message sent by P1. After all, it will reflects on the person capability of thinking positive rather towards the negative meaning. For me, P1 have made quite a creative ads a line with DiGi ads which also very creative (and amusing) 😆


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